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Using Attachment theory in Psychotherapy – workshop

A workshop for students, practitioners and trainers in psychodrama and attachment theory

Attachment theory – in particular, Dynamic-Maturational Attachment Theory (ref: P. M. Crittenden) – helps us to understand how we protect ourselves from perceived danger in relationship to others. It is a strength-based, non-labelling, non-pathologising and alternative way of understanding mental illness. It is a remarkably useful way of understanding the process of emotional self-regulation and how people develop self-protective strategies that in some situations may be a key to survival, yet in other situations, may be highly destructive or self-defeating.

This workshop will use a combination of lecture-demonstration and practical examples to illustrate attachment theory. The aim is to make a clear, memorable and lively presentation of attachment theory and its applications for the psychotherapist. We will cover attachment issues from birth across the lifespan, and describe how attachment theory helps us understand the development of emotional problems, relationship difficulties and psychopathology. We will also address the important implications for psychodramatists and how psychodrama can be purposefully adapted based on our understanding of the function of the protagonist’s attachment strategies.

The workshop will also include protagonist-centred psychodramas, with processing time given to help participants understand how attachment theory relates to Morenian theory and techniques.

The workshop is based on several key readings, including ‘Attachment-based Practice with Adults: Understanding Strategies and Promoting Positive Change’ by Clark Baim and Tony Morrison (Pavilion Publishing, UK, 2011).



Clark Baim, PhD, is a Senior Trainer in Psychodrama Psychotherapy (BPA, UKCP) and Co-Director (with Susie Taylor) of the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama in the UK. He is currently the Honorary President of the British Psychodrama Association. He has twenty-five year of experience as a trainer and he currently works as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. Clark has extensive experience of attachment theory and is a certified trainer of the Adult Attachment Interview with the Family Relations Institute (Florida and Italy). He is the co-author of ‘Attachment-based Practice with Adults,’ published in 2011 by Pavilion, UK. For a large portion of his career, Clark has focused on rehabilitative work with offenders in prison and in the community. Clark has facilitated psychodrama training several times in Croatia and is delighted to be returning to co-run this workshop with Ivana Jurić.

Ivana Jurić, psychotherapist in private practice (ECP), psychologist, Trainer in Center for Psychodrama and Child Integrative Psychotherapy Organisation (Croatia), Transgenerational psychotherapy practitioner (trained by Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger School of transgenerational therapy). She is a co-founder of Center for psychodrama (professional organisation founded with the aim of promoting, developing and improving psychodrama as psychotherapy and educational method in the Republic of Croatia). Ivana is working with adults, adolescents and children; she has specialized her work in healing Eating Disorders, Trauma and early trauma and loss, etc. She has conducted workshops in psychodrama and transgenerational psychotherapy in Croatia, and is very honored to co-conduct this workshop with Clark Baim in Zagreb.

The workshop participants will receive a certificate that they can use to prove professional training (25 educative hours).


For registrations until 18.09. – 150,00

For registrations from 18.09. until 16.10. – 200,00 €


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