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Center for psychodrama is planning to publish annual international psychodrama journal. The aim of the journal is to communicate and promote high quality articles and information relevant to the theory, practice and clinical research in psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry and related modalities and disciplines.

One of our ideas that we are very proud is establishing and promoting new creative partnerships with psychodrama professionals and organizations in region. In one way to make community with other countries, cultures, different schools and approaches, and in other to have an open forum to celebrate our diversities, this is also the idea behind our Journal.

The specificity of the journal will be its bilingual publishing: all issues will be published in Croatian and English. The Journal will be paperback. The price will be defined just to cover the cost of the publishing. Orders will be by web.

We invite you to participate in this exciting and creative international project.

If you have some unpublished text or article that is sitting somewhere in your drawer, or you have some already published article that would be benefitial to psychodramatist to read it again, we would be honored to print it.

If you want to publish  news, announcemenet, information or some other interesting thing that is linked to psychodrama please contact us at as soon as possible.


Center for psychodrama